Finally a Paper Accepted

I did not have a fluent start at OTEC when it comes to publications. Now, after more than a year working in the Netherlands, I managed to get it started. My paper for EC-TEL has been accepted as a full paper. How cool is this?! As a logical consequence, I will be in Crete in September, to which I look forward to.

The reviews read OK, so it will not be too hard to edit the paper for publication. Interestingly, two reviewers remarked that I have too many references. Not that it was surprising when there are 14 references for one statement. The better solution for this occasion would have been to put my review article there. However, while the review article is still not accepted it would have been a bad style to put a reference to it.

One thing I read clearly from the reviews was that I have to highlight the innovation of my research in comparison with other work in adaptive hypermedia. Furthermore, I have to push the prototype development a bit so I will be able to present some first empirical results on the conference.