Cleaning up

I will leave tomorrow for Barcelona and thus today was cleaning day. Window cleaning was not feasible because of the rain, but I did everything indoors. Anyway, I doubt that anybody is interested in reading that I can handle vacuum cleaner, soap and duster. I also started to clean-up some old data on my desktop at home. I started to edit my old bookmark files, check what is still valid and valuable, and post this data to

This was interesting and a bit like moving to a new place. I reviewed the data of a bookmark file I haven't looked at for about a year or so. I came across a bunch of photo blogs and messed up my tag cloud - or should I say that it is now a tag cloud? I am not sure if photo blogging is still a thing that people talk about, but this reminded me about 2005 when this was a hot - or at least warm - topic in the domain of social software. I found out that some of the bloggers of those photo blogs that I had bookmarked were following such trends. Either the blog ended about a year ago, had been transferred into a normal text blog or simply disappeared.

However, from the original 50+ blogs in the list, I kept those 16 that appeared active and nice. You can enjoy the view via my bookmarks.