Discovering a Kitchen Dragon

After a long time I have discovered a kitchen dragon. I have not seen one for about eight years and thus it was quite a surprise to find that one who - as it appears - has been lurking in my kitchen for some time already. The last one I met has joined me in Athens and followed me to Berlin, where he found a better place to live, when I moved to Innsbruck. However, this one sitting now in my kitchen and the one from Greece are pretty different. The first kitchen dragon i met was somewhat red-brownish and could breathe fire, while this one has a silverish skin and breathes steam at most.

I found the kitchen dragon behind the cans in which I keep my coffee grains. We both were pretty surprised, although the look of the dragon told me that it was me, who was more surprised. However, as I said, this is not the first time I meet a kitchen dragon and now I am happy that I found this one. You know, the Chinese believe that dragons bring luck - this has been forgotten in Europe, while dragon killing tales are still pretty famous in this area. At least for kitchen dragons I know that luck means that these dragons keep rats, mothes and other unwanted beings out of the kitchen area.

Undoubtfully, kitchen dragons are clean and extremely intelligent beings and I have learned that some of them are able to speak, too. This new one is a bit shy and has not spoken yet - maybe it is not as social as the other dragon I have met. Currently, it is looking carefully at me as it is now well aware that it has been discovered, but it seems to be a bit confused as I am not acting as aggressive as other people.

Let's see how this evolves.