Working for CPAN again

After almost four years I managed to get seriously back working on my code on CPAN. One of my biggest concerns were the test cases of the old modules, but things won't get better unless I sit down and do actually some work; and this was what I did today. I fixed all open issues for the XML::LibXML::Iterator package and the XML::Filter::GenericChunk package.

The main improvement of the packages are definitely the test cases. They now follow the extreme programming paradigm and are easier to maintain an to extend. With regard to XML::LibXML::Iterator I corrected the bad perl code that kept the package from actually working. Furthermore, I reworked the programming interface towards more compliance with the "Document Object Model Traversal" specification.

XML::Filter::GenericChunk was a bigger problem. Some time ago I started a rewrite, but I never released it. Now after reviewing the five year old code I figured that the problems I wanted to address were actually not existent. So I got back on the public code and fixed the problems from that point.

This package caused me headaches because PEPL pointed me at a serious problem with the code. However, I couldn't really reproduce the problem before I started with this blog. It turned out that the solution is even simpler than the patch PEPL proposed nine months ago.

It really hurts when I write down the time it took me to get my ass up and do some work for the perl community. But I hope that the releases satisfy a few people out there.