Almost like vacation

This month the time was flying and I lacked of creativity to post anything here. Evil minded people could think that I was on vacation, if they were looking at my travel plan. However, OUNL is a distance university and that means that they make us also work from a distance - be it in Barcelona, Madrid, Crete or Innsbruck. Traveling and working on different topics every couple of days made it hard for me to organize and structure my thoughts. In fact, I was here in order to write about this thing or the other thing, but somehow my brain got stuck in half-thought thoughts.

Anyway, I am still reading the convergence culture and just recently started reading the wisdom to the crowds. It turns out that both books are closely related. I am still structuring my ideas about the topics of these books.

Apart from reading, I've been writing, too. Finishing one report and another conference paper took most of my brain's power of creativity. Eventually, I managed to write some code for my experimental community system, and worked on the experimental design in which this system will be first applied.

Finally, I had a nice chat with Phillip from Youth Knowledge about future perspectives of the environment and strategies to engage more people into the system. One question that always returns to the agenda is the one that asks about the motivation why people should contribute to a particular system/community.

Well, my brain still feels almost like on vacation, but in August I will have to work more structured and post more frequently ;-)