Desaster Area

I need vacation from this place! Last Wednesday my laptop crashed - again. I really felt like leaving the very moment and don't come back before October. Instead, I spent too much time on backups, testing and restoring my working system. I feel pretty useless, as my system is still not completely up and running. Furthermore, I learned that one has to *test* backups from time to time. While I was restoring my system, I had to realise that some backup media were completely blank, although the backup tool reported a successfull run. Very nice, a complete loss of approx 3GB data.

In the end I learned a couple of things. The most important one is that I really need a new/additional development system in the office, so in case of system crashes I have at least one system remaining to which I can return. The second thing is to set the most crucial parts of the system on a virtual PC - and backup that system somewhere with sufficient space. In that case, you simply use the virtal system on a different machine and don't waste time with stupid, time consuming installations.

Anyway, back to work.