Educating People

Opposite to many people I met, I like clear communication and proper structure when it comes to work organisation. Maybe I am just in the wrong business, but the people I meet over time seem to prefer reinventing structure and hide important information in a lot of talk. Yesterday, I just learned one of these lessons.

A couple of months ago we agreed on a defined structure for managing our development procedures. I have to admit that this procedure was not well communicated - or for that matter it hardly managed to get into the public of the project - but has been quite a bit of work. Yesterday however, I thought that I had a deja vu experience. I spent almost the entire day in a meeting in which the core topic was that we need better rules and clearer structures to bring our research into practice. Just as if the last six months never happened.

First, I thought that the moderator (who worked with me on that procedures) ignored or forgot the previous work and repeated things all over again. Later in the meeting I realised that he tried to lure the other meeting members into the idea that they actually came up with the idea of structure. I am not sure if everybody understood.

In the end, I spent an entire day in a sticky meeting room without internet and I am not too sure if the conclusions help us to work better. In my opinion, it was way too much educating and a bit too little recognition of previous work and progress. But then I think that, opposite to many people I met, I like clear communication, structure, and visible progress.