Emotional Reflection

Currently, I read Donald A. Norman's book "emotional design - or: why we love (or hate) everyday things". The book is really inspiring for designing and developing learning technologies for non-formal and informal learning. However, to understand it better it helped me to leave it for a few days and look at the user statistics of the Team Space. I found that a weak hint that Karel Kreijn's affordance and group awareness have emotional implications on learning built in.

Some Thoughts on Performance of Object Oriented Javascript

In my previous post on object oriented javascript I was writing how to encapsulate and to hide object functions and data from global accessess. While hanging around I finally solved class inheritance and function overloading, about which I will write in another post, soon. In this little article, I will stress the price of the object orientation in terms of performance.

Update on Atom feed parsing

I spent the last evening in fixing the problem with Team Space. Already in the office, I made the ATOM parser accept well formated HTML (which is in fact XHTML ... but anyways). Later the evening I applied an look ahead regular expression (RegEx) to fix malformatted URLs and standalone ampersands. It turned out that this RegEx turned the broken HTML into proper XHTML.

Boot traps of "Open Standards"

Today I launched Team Space with a larger group of users - and as usual those things went wrong that con go wrong. In my case it was Steven, who kept me from going home on time tonight. All he did is putting his ATOM news feed as he was supposed to do. It turned out that I underestimated the problems with HTML in news feeds. I wonder why a service run by google can't simply provide propper XHTML (as it is recommended for ATOM). Instead, they use HTML which cannot get parsed half of the times by XML processors.