Kicking off the TENCompetence Winter School

Currently, I am sitting at the Grillhof in Vill and listen to Milos' introduction to this year's program. We learnered about TENCompetence, again ;) Still not all participants have arrived yet. The rest is busy with getting along with the new situation they face here in Innsbruck, and with deciding what they will do for their physical exercise. I realised that this some people are not well aware of the fact, that sport (and fresh air) helps your brain to deal with all the input they receive here at Grillhof. Certainly, Wolfgang was aware of the fact that going to the wild side is supposed to be healthy. Now, we have to who tells him about how to do it correctly so he has not go to the hospital afterwards ;)

Contentwise, everything looks interesting again, and I feel a bit sad that I will hardly be able to attend most of them. Therefore, myself introduction was more of organisational nature. Now the participants have introduce them, just to spread embarresment. The audience looks a bit older than last year, but the topics they are interested in sound very interesting.

The topics in which the participants are interested in are as far as I can see it by now are mainly in the field of semantic web, instructional technology, learning design, adult learning, and social software. What I also like that we have more people from the educational field as well. I think that this helps to broaden the discussion on lifelong competence development.

It seems that setting the topic of the winter school to personal competence management has attracted more people with a professional background (did I mention that the participants are older than last year).