ReScope is out!

I created a new tool for tag cloud visualisation called ReScope. ReScope was announced at the ECTEL conference in Maastricht last week and was presented and officially launched at this year's ICL conference in Villach. I received a lot of good feedback from the audience and made it straight to Steve Wheeler's Learning with 'e's blog.

ReScope helps delicious users to keep track of their bookmarking interests using a colourful tag cloud. This tool combines a micro-blogging tool with the tag cloud, which allows to note thoughts about the own bookmarking habits and return later to both, the note and the tag cloud that was shown while writing the note.

Currently, ReScope supports only Delicious as a source for the tag clouds. But if you are using the delicious bookmarking service, you will certainly like to participate with the ReScope experiment.

However, there is no experiment without problems. While demonstrating ReScope to Mark Kramer, I found that the Safari web-browser on MacOSX has some problems with loading the tag cloud from delicious. If you are using MacOSX, please use FireFox, if ReScope does not appear to work correctly with Safari.