Team.sPod Demonstrator Is Ready

Dirk and I worked for some time on team.sPod - a handheld version of team.sPace. This demonstrator is designed to show a touch enabled web-application for handheld devices. It started as a web-application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, but the intention is to widen the scope to other handheld platforms. Now the first working demonstrator is available at our development server.

What Moodle can tell us about our learning?

Currently I work on a new contribution for this year's ECTEL conference. This paper is again on log-file analysis and how interaction footprints can support personal learning processes. This time I focus on the information that is buried in the activity logs of the Moodle platform. This work is related to the new moodle plugin on that Steinn and I currently work as part of our activities in the GRAPPLE project. In this posting I discuss the role of activity tracking in a learning management systems.

SURF Widget Mania

The Surf foundation started on 6th April their Best Widget for Scientists competition. They invite students of Dutch universities to submit their designs for widgets that make the life of scientists easier.