Featured on SlideShare

Yesterday, I uploaded my presentation about HTML5 for mobile learning applications to slideshare and today I found a mail in my inbox telling me that this presentation got featured on the slideshare homepage. Damn, this is cool. 

Features slides on Slideshare 24-02-2011 09:00

As a side effect this had a massive impact on the views of this presentation - within the the 24 hours the presentation is now on the homepage it received massive interest that made it to my second most viewed presentation on slideshare. With more than 1500 additional views starting from the point that it showed up on the home page.  

Standards and Open Educational Resources

Finally I managed to get my slides from my presentation at the ICCE2010 to slideshare. This is a bit of a negative record for me because the workshop was already three months back. The workshop was about "Open Standards in Open Education" and the paper reported on the results from several research projects that focused on open educational resources (OER). While the rest of the world is still reasoning about publishing educational resources and if openness is a good thing or not, we were looking at the real problems that educators, organisations and system administrators face alike.  

HTML5 for Mobile Applications

Yesterday afternoon (12 February 2011) a group of managers, designers and developers of Bluetea visited us in the CELSTEC Lab. They were interested in our work on mobile learning - and we did a lot during the last two years. I presented an overview of our work on mobile web applications and spiced it a bit up with a few screenshots of the projects and prototypes I have been working on over the last 2 years. 

Html5 for Mobile Applications for Learning

Presentation from the Blueteam Workshop in the CELSTEC lab on 21 February 2011

Mobile Tools for Experience Sampling

Together with our Faculty of Psychology we are currently preparing a lab study on experience sampling. Experience sampling is an method for collecting contextual data and has been heavily used for motivation research, health research, as well as in usability research for the past 30 years. This method is a way to get information about situated experiences and behaviour. For a method that is frequently used we expected to find tools that can be used with mobile devices. In this posting I briefly review a selection of ESM tools for mobile devices.