Awareness, Feedback, Self-regulation

Presentation held at the CELSTEC Mobile Media Retreat on 28 November 2011 in Heerlen.

When did mobile learning start?

Today I came across an interesting posting in a mobile learning forum on XING. The thread started with the question "When did mobile learning really start?". There was already a posting that claimed that Nokia started the mobile learning idea in 2001. I thought, "wait! 2001 is too late" and started some digging in my references. What I found there was interesting and enlightening. 

Google Scholar Citations

Marco Kalz pointed me at a new beta service of Google Scholar: Citations. This service collects my scientific publications into a personal portfolio. This portfolio includes all resources with my name on it  that Google finds on web-pages that are associated with research and development. Furthermore, this service also aggregates a few citation indices for me and provides a citation count per publication. The indices come in handy for benchmarking the personal performance. This is pretty awesome stuff if you publish, need to track your impact, and like to get a little dose of self-esteem boost ("oh my god, yeah I did all that work").  

Interestingly Google collects publications more rigorously than I would personally do myself and includes unpublished project reports, software projects, and other stuff that I would not consider as relevant publications. The funniest thing is one paper among my most cited references that completely surpassed my radar. I definitely worked on that projects and wrote some stuff but I cannot recall that conference publication. 

Check out my Google Scholar Citations profile


Mobile Informal Learning - Emerging Practices

Mobiles Informelles Lernen

German version of my presentation "Mobile informal learning - emerging practices". Held at the SCIL E-Learning Master class at the HSG.