Gartner's Hype cycle revisited

Last week Marion and I were visiting the Art Cologne. I was there when I came across this variation of Gartner's famous hype cycle. It is truly enlightened.



6 Ideas for Using Micro Learning in your Classes

My current lead project at the ISN is Mobler Cards. Mobler Cards is a smart phone app that allows bringing Micro Learning content from ILIAS managed courses to Android and iOS devices. Mobler Cards uses the ILIAS question pool feature for nesting Micro-learning activities into LMS managed courses. This feature is widely used for creating dynamic online assessments. Our Mobler Cards app uses these question pools for supporting mobile micro-learning for your Ilias courses.

In our first demonstrators we used only one question pool per course, but Mobler Cards more capable than that and can use all valid question pools in your courses. This provides a powerful instructional tool, because you can activate and deactivate each question pool independently. I collected five interesting solutions with Mobler Cards for using Micro Learning in your classes and courses.

Mobile Learning Workshop at DeLFI 2013

Today, I have been invited to the programme committee of the next mobile learning workshop at the DeLFI conference in Bremen. This workshop focuses on the German speaking community in mobile learning research and development. 

The deadline for submissions to the conference is 2 June 2013. Please note that submissions need to be in German!

UPDATE: The deadline for submissions has been extended until 16 June 2013.


mLearn 2013 Conference In Doha, Qatar

I was preparing a submission for the main conference mobile learning conference I try to attend every year, the mLearn. Today, I recived the notification that the mLearn submission deadline will be moved from next Monday to May, 1st

If you like to present your research on mLearn 2013 as well, check out the Call for Papers and visit the mLearn Page on Facebook

ICCE 2013 Contextual, Ubiquitous and Mobile Technology-enhanced Learning

I am happy to co-chair this year's ICCE CUMTEL track. The ICCE is one of the important international technology-enhanced learning conferences in the Asian-Pacific region that has a dedicated mobile learning track (or sub-conference as they call it). 

ICCE is usually at amazing locations and this year it will be in Bali from 18-22 November 2013. I invite everybody in the mobile learning community to submit to this conference!

Web-based Communities and Social Media 2013

Prague, Czech Republic; 24-26 June, 2013

Submission Deadline (2nd call): 1 May 2013

Social Media are growing rapidly and play an increasingly important role in the development of Online Communities. Web based communities announce themselves both in your professional and private life through several new media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Plaxo, etc. Social media allow dynamic roles in participation, virtual presence and online communities. These new ways to communicate via online social media are having great societal effects and are motivating the creation of best practices to help individuals, corporations and authorities to make the best of it. Aware of the growing impact of social media and the influence of web based communities in today's users/consumers behaviour, many organisations spend an increasing share of their budget in online social marketing strategies. 

The mission of this conference is to publish and integrate scientific results and act catalytically to the fast developing culture of web communities, while helping to disseminate and understand the latest developments social media and their impact.

The conference is part of the IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2013). Registered participants in the Web Based Communities and Social Media 2013 conference may attend the other conferences part of MCCSIS 2013 free of charge.