TinCan and The Confusion About the Next Generation of SCORM

In the E-Learning world SCORM is a big thing because it is the leading framework for supporting the interoperability of complex arrangements of learning resources. The latest release of SCORM 2004 dates back to 2009, which is already 4 years old. However, pretty much from the beginning SCROM 2004 has been considered as "too complex", "too complicated", or even "too limited" to be a big success. As of  2013 the interoperability geeks in the community have a new hope that everything will be better, easier, and nicer: TinCan. I start reading about that TinCan will be the next successor of SCORM. The latest remark comes from Moodle's Dan Marsden. This is surpising to me and it should be surprising to you as well. In this article I explain why.