Patterns of Mobile Learning: From Mobile Content and Blended Learning to Mixed Reality Simulations

Educational design is complex when we need to consider the context and the mobility of the learner, too. In this presentation I touch briefly on some instructional design patterns for using mobile learning.

Don't miss to watch the full presentation online.

I presented these slides at the Interagency Mobile Learning Webinar Series on 22. May 2014.

Mobile Leanring Design - Not Just for Ilias

In this presentation I discuss how we approach instructional design for mobile learning at the ISN and give some practical examples.

The presentation was part of the "NATO eLearning Instructional Design Course" at the NATO School Oberammergau and has been presented on 14 May 2014.

Patterns for Mobile Learning

em77_imlws2014logotake6cearth_1.pngThe ADL Initiative organizes a online conference on mobile learning for the second time this year. It takes place from 20-22 May 2014 and it has many very interesting speakers on board. I have the honor to present my recent work there and discuss educational design patters of mobile learning. 

Crowd sensing, mobiles, and Feedback

This presentation introduces the integration of models for inquiry-based learning and feedback with crowd sensing approaches in order to create solutions that are applicable in the real world.

Held on May, 1, 2014 at the JTEL Summer School in Malta.