Tackling Privacy in XAPI at the OEB Berlin

OEB Presentation_20161108b.png

On 2 December 2016 I will speak at the Online Educa about getting around privacy, ownership of learning, and interoperability issues of learning analytics. It covers parts of the lessons learnt from my work on bringing XAPI into organisational operations.

The title of the talk on 2 Dec. 2016 is:

Bringing XAPI into Higher Education: Learning Analytics, Ownership and Privacy

I address three questions that come up when introducing learning analytics into daily educational operations:

  • What is stored in learning records?

  • Who controls what data is available for analytical processes?

  • How is the privacy of learners and staff ensured if interoperable learning records are exchanged between tools and services?

As a response to these questions, I will introduce the approach of contextual anonymization in a TLA environment, so be sure that you are attending the session if you are attending OEB.