Almost like vacation

This month the time was flying and I lacked of creativity to post anything here. Evil minded people could think that I was on vacation, if they were looking at my travel plan. However, OUNL is a distance university and that means that they make us also work from a distance - be it in Barcelona, Madrid, Crete or Innsbruck. Traveling and working on different topics every couple of days made it hard for me to organize and structure my thoughts. In fact, I was here in order to write about this thing or the other thing, but somehow my brain got stuck in half-thought thoughts.

druk, druk, druk

"Druk" the dutch word for stress or pressure and a postcard on the bookshelf in the office reminds me about that whenever I am there. "Druk"is a key part of my life these days. For me, this word stands for loads of work (at OTEC) that is not related to my research - coming with tight deadlines. But who am I to complain? I managed to do some things in my "leisure time" that were not job related. For example, I added some user-interface persistence to this blog, or I experimented with a log-file analysing database, in order to get a feeling on performance when big data-sets are analysed in different ways. It turned out that the KUKUK log-files with a few hundred thousand datasets cannot be considered as "big". I think its time to update my homepage and generate more external traffic myself in order to get some results my own - I will keep you posted these days.