Desaster Area

I need vacation from this place! Last Wednesday my laptop crashed - again. I really felt like leaving the very moment and don't come back before October. Instead, I spent too much time on backups, testing and restoring my working system. I feel pretty useless, as my system is still not completely up and running. Furthermore, I learned that one has to *test* backups from time to time. While I was restoring my system, I had to realise that some backup media were completely blank, although the backup tool reported a successfull run. Very nice, a complete loss of approx 3GB data.

So Apples want to rule the world?

Today, I downloaded and installed Apple's Safari 3beta for Windows. I was really disappointed when I saw all pages break, that work smoothly with M$IE, Firefox, and Epiphany. Well, breaking pages usually mean that I check out how to fix it. However, the more I digged into Safari resources, the lesser bright Apple's press release shine. Apart from the masses of usability errors in Safari for Windows, it turned out that Safari 3 is not prepared for professional web-technologies.

Brand new homepage - in Web2.0!

Sundays are always pretty productive days. Apart from cleaning the house I manage to get some things done on the net. Today, for example, I finally reworked my homepage. It is not finished yet, but I managed to integrate the most important features. The lasted entry of this blog and a surfing interest indicator. both features are dynamically loaded in the client's web-browser, so the visitors of my home page will see a different pages if the content of this blog or my activity on changes.