Technology scales, Magic does not

Currently I attend the EC-TEL Conference in Crete. Today, I attended the first keynote of this conference. First, Ralf Klamma gave in his outstanding style an introductionary speech to Bruce Sterling.

More on Front-end Events - Click Sensors

Today I was busy learning about how modern web-browsers work. In particular I was experimenting on the link sensors of the smart indicator prototype. While I was busy with debugging the indicator component for Internet Explorer. I realized that also under Firefox the link sensors did not correctly register the link related interactions. In this post I explain the solution I found for this problem.

DOMinating Standards and the Web

After I complained about Apple's safari a couple of days ago, this time a remark goes to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. One thing I learned for sure today: if there is a standard that has been approved, there is a Microsoft product that will violate that standard where you would expect it at least. I am really wondering why this company has people in all these standardization committees, when they are not really interested in adopting the results?

Events for Web Applications

Last week I ran into a problem while developing my smart indicator prototype. The front-end of the indicator layer requires updates if a user interacts with the user-interface. However, I wanted to avoid repetitive polling with the server. Instead, the indicator layer should update if the front-end sensors detected some changes, because the information from the front-end sensors is the most critical for some indicators. In general terms, I want to have several parts of a web-application that should be informed on what is going on in the business logic, on one hand. On the other hand, the parts of the web-application should not be too dependent on each other. As a solution I wrote a little javascript event manger, that allows components to peak and hook into the business logic of an AJAX application, without the need of touching the business logic.