Language and Communities

Today I learned a bit about minor mistakes that one can make with social software. One important thing is language. I just learned that the basic assumption that all members of a community share the language for their contributions does not hold if the community contributions are assembled through private blogs or other web2.0 sources. I hoped that within team, or for that matter a very small community, there is some kind of interest of a shared language to exchange information. However, although there might be shared interests, not all members share the same language in their possible contributions. In order to achieve valuable contributions that are accessible for all members of a community, a software must indentify the language of the contributions, and decide which information should be used.

Educating People

Opposite to many people I met, I like clear communication and proper structure when it comes to work organisation. Maybe I am just in the wrong business, but the people I meet over time seem to prefer reinventing structure and hide important information in a lot of talk. Yesterday, I just learned one of these lessons.

Approaching Adaptation Smartness Systematically

Since EC-TEL it has been pretty quiet here. But never mind, it wasn't that quiet under the surface. I have been pretty busy in polishing and breaking my smart indicator prototype and sharpening the evaluation design for the follow-up studies of my research. In this post I discuss some of preliminary results that popped-up while I have been worked on the evaluation design.