Webinar: TinCans in the Wild

On 25 July 2013 I will present on the practical implications of the Experience API for mobile educational apps in a SWITCH eduhub Webinar.

geouri.org - Blog for Promoting the geoURI Scheme

I looked at the statistics of my blog and found an interesting referrer: geouri.org. I was not aware of this web-site until now. I found that it collects some useful resources of this URI scheme and it links back to my earlier blog post on the use of the geouri RFC. Thank you!

By now the specification has not received as much attention as I expected. The potential is still there because this specification is simple and yet powerful if you need to share geo locations with people working  on different mobile platforms using different mapping apps or services. I would like more app developers make use of this specification for their location-base apps.

4th Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK2014)

The next iteration of the Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK2014) has announced its call for papers. This time the conference will take place in Indianapolis, USA, and will take place on 24-26 March 2014.

All subissions are due until 21 October 2013

MicroLearning Conference 2013 - Learning Outcomes and Mobile Learning

Yesterday,  I received the invitation for the micro-learning conference later this year. In the past the conference focused narrowly on the micro-learning approach. This year the conference seems to have broadened the focus (as one could see from the speakers).

The conference will take place on 26-27 September 2013 in Krems, Austria. If you are planning a submission, you should mark the 30 July 2013 in your calender.