TinCan in the Wild

This webinar introduces the main concepts of the of the XAPI and discusses how it has been used in a real world scenario of the Mobler Cards App.

The webinar part of the SWITCH Eduhub Webinar series on 25 July 2013.

Watch the webinar recording on YouTube.

Speedlabor of the SIG Mobile Learning

The FHNW group "Digitales Lehren und Lernen" hosts the first event of the Eduhub SIG Mobile Learning: the Speedlabor on Mobile Learning. This evening event on 13 November 2013 will allow professors and lecturers in Swiss higher education to learn about innovative concepts of integrating mobile technologies into their courses. We brought four interesting speakers together who will talk about different aspects of mobile learning in higher education.

xAPI, Open Badges and E-Portfolios

OB_xAPI.pngThe new ADL Experience API offers interesting opportunities. Yet, it challenges the integration with existing concepts and technologies. An example for these challenges is illustrated by the following question: how does the xAPI relate to Mozilla's Open Badges or E-Portfolio systems like Mahara? Because all these initiatives and tools are related to learning experiences there appears to be a significant overlap. In this article I explain how the xAPI fits into a framework with open learning badges and e-portfolio systems.