September 2008 Archives

Official ReScope Request For Participation

Rescope was launched last week and the first users have registered. However, I need more people to participate in this experiment. Therefore I created the following announcement.

ReScope is out!

I created a new tool for tag cloud visualisation called ReScope. ReScope was announced at the ECTEL conference in Maastricht last week and was presented and officially launched at this year's ICL conference in Villach. I received a lot of good feedback from the audience and made it straight to Steve Wheeler's Learning with 'e's blog.

Error: Unknown runtime error

There is a long list of tools and technologies that are web1.0 or that can be categorized as web2.0. Apparently, Microsoft's Internet Explorer (including Version 7) should be categorized as web1.0 - it still is not capable to handle standard (X)HTML code with Javascript components the AJAX way. This came (once again) to my attention, while I finalized the web-page for the ReScope experiment. I stumbled just over another issue with the Microsoft product, that resulted in the error message of the title of this article. "Unknown runtime errors" are certainly the most difficult to debug because there are no clues about the error. So I spend 6 hours of trial and error to find a problem, which appeared first to be a MooTools bug. In the end, however, it turned out that the Internet Explorer (Version 7!) gets confused with id and name attributes.

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