Unleashing Interaction with XAPI on Moodle

In this presentation I introduce the core concepts of the XAPI and report on how we integrated these concepts for interactive contents with the Moodle Plattform at HTW Chur using the PowerTLA Drop-in. The presentation gives a rough overview what it takes to build interactive content that uses interaction to track the learning experiences within an online learning environment.

I extended the slide deck so it now includes many technical details that link client code, XAPI results and the user experience.

Presented on 12. February 2016 at the Eduhub SAMOO meeting in Luzern.

AR Discovery - The Challenges

These slides outline some discovery problems I encountered in my past projects. These slides were presented at the AR Barcelona Meetup.

Interactive E-books Webinar

These slides were presented during the Eduhub Webinar on "interactive e-books" on 11 Dec. 2014. The webinar explored the origins of e-books, compares e-books with other content formats and apps. It analyses the different types of interaction and the implications of present technologies for the integration of "enriched digital book publications" into the educational portfolio. 

New Patterns for ADL Architectures and Learning Designs

I gave this presentation to the ADL Initiative in Alexandria, VA to report on our 2013 ONRG project. It covers the approaches how we can translate new mobile learning and gamification to practitioners in military (and other types of) education. The presentation covers worked concepts that are integrated into the design of the ISN tools Mobler Cards and the ISN Personal Dossiers.

Patterns of Mobile Learning: From Mobile Content and Blended Learning to Mixed Reality Simulations

Educational design is complex when we need to consider the context and the mobility of the learner, too. In this presentation I touch briefly on some instructional design patterns for using mobile learning.

Don't miss to watch the full presentation online.

I presented these slides at the Interagency Mobile Learning Webinar Series on 22. May 2014.

Crowd sensing, mobiles, and Feedback

This presentation introduces the integration of models for inquiry-based learning and feedback with crowd sensing approaches in order to create solutions that are applicable in the real world.

Held on May, 1, 2014 at the JTEL Summer School in Malta.

Presenting your Research at the ECTEL Doctoral Consortium

Over the last four years of reviewing for the ECTEL Doctoral Consortium board I came across pretty much the same problems every year. This presentation condenses some recommendations that Ph.D. candidates should consider when putting a submission together. I hope this also helps for submissions to other doctoral consortia.

If you are interested to present you Ph.D. research at the ECTEL 2014 in Graz, Austria, check out the call for submissions.

Mobile Mashups for Learning

An overview on mashup technologies for mobile learning and how this concept can be used in practice. I presented the slides at the Joint Speedlabor of the Eduhub SIG Mobile Learning and FH/nw's digital Lernen group. Presented on 13 November 2013 in Brugg-Windisch, Switzerland.

What is Mobile Blended Learning and How to Use It?

This presentation introduces the mobile blended learning concept and explains different approaches of bringing it into practice with the Mobler Cards app. Presented at the PfP ADL WG Meeting on 7 Nov. 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. 

TinCan in the Wild

This webinar introduces the main concepts of the of the XAPI and discusses how it has been used in a real world scenario of the Mobler Cards App.

The webinar part of the SWITCH Eduhub Webinar series on 25 July 2013.

Watch the webinar recording on YouTube.

Awareness, Feedback, Self-regulation

Presentation held at the CELSTEC Mobile Media Retreat on 28 November 2011 in Heerlen.

Html5 for Mobile Applications for Learning

Presentation from the Blueteam Workshop in the CELSTEC lab on 21 February 2011

Supporting the Reuse of Open Educational Resources through Open Standards

Presentation held at the ICCE2010 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Paper available at dspace.ou.nl

Embedding Moodle into Ubiquitous Computing Environments


Presented at MLearn 2010 in Malta

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